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Sofware Features

Sofware Features

Grayhawk Appraisal Management Platform

The Grayhawk system is a web based platform that allows every phase of the appraisal process to be managed, tracked and reported for all parties involved.

The complexity of the loan process requires organization to efficiently process and complete orders in a timely fashion

  • Save Time
  • Minimize Errors
  • Unify Communication
  • Central Document Storage
  • License Validation
  • Reduce Costs

The Grayhawk system was designed with the needs of Appraisers, Banks, and other Lenders in mind, utilizing years of industry experience and knowledge to develop a unique platform capable of managing all aspects of the Appraisal Management process.

Dashboard Overview

Grayhawk features a dashboard view quickly summarizing active orders and communications related to current orders.

The Dashboard is customized per role – Appraiser, Bank, Lender, or Management – and can be further customized by users.



Comments and Communication History

Grayhawk utilizes a built-in comment system, tying all relevant communication to the order.

You no longer need to track hundreds of emails and phone calls – everything is handled within Grayhawk.

Reports and updates CAN be delivered via email, providing an efficient and flexible work-flow for every user.



Reporting and Tracking

In addition to the instantaneous overview provided by the dashboard, custom reports are available to summarize order types, time periods, or users.

Reports can also be scheduled for automatic delivery via email – especially useful for monthly or recurring reports



Bills & Invoices

Appraisals and fees can be billed and paid directly through the Grayhawk platform.

Payment requests can also be generated from withing the system and emailed directly to the responsible parties.

Itemized invoices can also be generated and tracked for Appraisers and Clients – including all comments and correspondence 50 pound loan.



Customized Setup

Many options are user configurable from their profiles and companies can be pre-configured with options and user roles.

Grayhawk was built with customization in mind – a flexible platform capable of future growth and changes as the industry and needs change!




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